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This clearly written handbook brings together a great deal of information about fundamental political rights in this country and will be of interest well beyond the legal community. Reference Books Bulletin This handbook is the only book in the field of law to present current legal thought on basic political rights of Americans and to treat primarily statutory law and judicial cases. The political rights examined include the right to vote, the right to be a political candidate and gain ballot access, the right to fair and effective representation, rights under the Federal Voting Rights Act, the right of people to participate directly in the governing process through the initiative, referendum, and recall, the right of political expression, the right of political association, the right to know, and the political rights of public officials and employees. These rights are covered in separate chapters that give historical background and then analyze the right's current status. Readers will find detailed descriptions of many federal and state court decisions, examinations of federal and state laws, and numerous tables that offer state-by-state surveys of constitutional and statutory provisions. Each of the ten chapters begins with the right's history and is followed by a discussion of the right's general significance. The right is then studied from various aspects and its current legal status is examined in a thorough discussion of the development of judicial thought through the doctrine cases, through a presentation of the up-to-date state law with citations for specific statutes, and through an explanation of recent relevant cases, though not necessarily doctrine cases. Recent literature receives comment not only in the text, but is also footnoted and listed in a bibliography of additional literature. A comprehensive treatment of its subject that reflects the renewed interest in political rights in the United States, this handbook of current laws that regulate those rights will be an invaluable resource for students and teachers of government, politicians, campaign managers and attorneys, students of law, and citizens who want to participate effectively in a democratic society. This work should be a part of the reference collections of university, law, and public libraries.
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