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At Krisp we believe that Beauty and Art make this World a better place! Our line of personal paper products for Amazon is here to deliver on our commitment to make it available to everyone! Help us paint the World into a happier place! All of the artwork is inspired by the natural beauty of our planet. To see more simply search "Krisp Notebook". Designed in New York, NY, USA. 150 - 8"x11" Inches - #55 White graph paper pages. 5x5 squares - each square measures 0.20” x 0.20” Inches, also referred to as Engineering, Math or Coordinate paper. High-gloss cover repels dust and water - provides effortless care. Frequently used for science, math, chemistry, programming, games, writing and projects. Krisp notebooks are popular as gifts for Christmas, Birthdays and special occasions and are known for great quality. Do not forget to make it extra-special for yourself or a loved one by selecting Amazon's stellar gift-wrapping service at checkout as this item does not come wrapped in packaging. Your experience is of the utmost importance to us! Let us inspire a better future for everyone!
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